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Excursions with Vistamar in Ayampe, Ecuador

Excursions with Vistamar in Ayampe, Ecuador

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Cave & Hidden Cove Hike (Playa Placeres): Take a short 4 X 4 trip to the trail head, followed by a 3-5k hike to a very virgin, special cove with vertical rock walls, volcanic rock structures, a cave and other unique natural beauties.

1-2 persons minimum: $35pp, 3 people $25pp,

4+ people: $20pp.

Includes an English speaking guide, transportation, boots (if necessary), snacks, and binoculars.

*The time of departure depends on the tide, the tour lasts about 6 hours.

Guided Tours to Colibri Reserve: 


Explore the Colibri Reserve, a beautiful, lush humid forest starting just a few blocks from the front door with a local and English speaking guide if you like.  It’s a great chance to see wildlife, and exotic and unique plants in this tropical coastal rainforest.


The tour takes 2-5 hours depending on how far you want to go, $20 per person, minimum 3 people. Group rates available for any size more than 3 people.


Includes, guides, boots and binoculares.

Waterfall Tours & 4X4 Jungle Tour:


Cascadas De Olon: 

9am - 3pm: $50pp
Includes 4x4 excursion, guide, (boots if necessary) & lunch
Cruise down the coast, up a river and through the jungle, in comfort, to a hidden camp, where we take a short hike through the jungle to waterfalls with pools to swim in.  
There is the chance to see and hear monkeys, but you are guaranteed to experience the beauty of a virgin jungle.

 Cascadas de Gomez

Day trip: $75 pp, minimum 2 people, $50pp for groups of 3+ people, maximum 4 people.

This is a very unique trip that involves taking a 4 wheel drive vehicle 2 hours up the Ayampe river, crossing through small communities seldom visited by foreigners. The waterfalls themselves are spectacular; three, 60 foot (sometimes one big waterfall!), have pools to swim in, trails to hike, rocks to jump off of, free solo climbing if you like to climb!

Tubing the River Ayampe:


When the river is high

This is an absolute thrill and is probably about as far away as you can get from the Disney World experience.  4 wheel drive to drop off point 30 minutes up the Ayampe River and then a high speed float thru class 1 and 2 rapids until you reach the Pacific Ocean.

aprox. 4 hours: $10 per person, minimum 4 people


Snorkeling Tours:


Guided Snorkel Trip from the Frailes National Park Beach:

The turtle sanctuary and Los Friales national park tour starts with a trip to the turtle rescue center and reserve followed by a guided tour and nature hike/walk through the park and snorkeling from the beach where turltes, rays, tropical fish and even sea horses can be spotted.

9am-2pm, 1-2 people: $40pp,

3 people and up : $30pp, .

Includes a guide, snorkeling gear, transportation and snacks and water.

Isla de la Plata OR Isla de Salango

Snorkel trips from a boat to the Isla de la Plata OR Isla de Salango, from Puerto Lopez:

*Isla de Salango: $30pp

*Isla de la Plata: $45pp


Includes snacks and snorkeling gear.  

Does Not include transportation to and from Puerto Lopez (~$10)

Whale Watching:



There are half day tours to the Isla de Salango ($30) and full day tours to the Isla de la Plata ($45).  They are a great way to see the Ecuadorian coastline, have a fun boat ride and get up close and personal to the largest creature to ever have lived on planet Earth

Horseback Riding Jungle Trip:

Travel through four types of forest, reach the highest peak in the area, find monkeys and be treated to lunch with ingredients from the gardens of the village of Rio Blanco.
8:30am – 3:30pm: $35 per person + $20 taxi round trip.
Includes: Guide, horses, boots and lunch.

Cultural Immersion:


Cooking Class:

Chef Fernando´s culinary prowess speaks for itself.  He will teach you to cook traditional coastal Ecuadorian dishes, ceviche, corviche, viches, and more, with fresh local ingredients. This also is a great way to work on your Spanish.

-Includes all ingredients.

Check the chalkboard the plat du jour. Feel free to make a request too!

$15 pp


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