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Carissa Moore Team Vinyl: BUY $30+ OF SUN BUM AND GET A PIECE OF HISTORY FOR FREE *while supplies last*

Who are going to be the lucky ones?! Sand Surf Co. is very excited to be one of Sun Bum’s featured shops to carry the limited-edition Team Vinyl of Carissa Moore! So how do you get one? Buy $30 or more of Sun Bum and receive a free vinyl character of Carissa Moore! *while supplies last*  Shop Sun Bum In case you didn’t know, Carissa Moore is a professional surfer and four-time world champion. Moore won the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2019 WSL Women’s World Tour and will be one of the 20 women in the 2020 Japan Olympics as surfing makes its debut in the 2020 Olympics. Moore didn’t come out of nowhere though, she has been making waves...

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Are you a fellow ocean lover? Meet the Brita Filter of the ocean and find out how you can help too!

Recently, a couple of us from Sand Surf Co. had the pleasure of attending an oyster info session and vertical oyster garden building experience hosted by Surfrider Foundation at the Tampa Bay Watch HQ in St Petersburg.  For folks that may not know, the Tampa Bay Watch is a nonprofit established in 1993 who is constantly working to preserve the ecological balance in our Tampa Bay. With this as their MO, they are a great match for Surfrider. We had a great time hanging with the Surfrider team, learning about the importance of oysters to the environment and getting our hands dirty building some vertical gardens. First let me hit you with some knowledge. Oysters are salt water bivalve mollusks...

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Small Business Saturday - what to know about Sand Surf Co.!

Sand Surf Co. is all about Family. Sand is own and run by University of Tampa Alumni and sisters, Rikki & Remy Radkay. The team currently expands out to Rikki’s college roommate Mary Beth and husband Greg. With our combination we all bring unique skills, focuses and combine to create our Sand Surf Co. family. We love keeping it real and believe community is everything. We are all family and have the power to make this planet a beautiful place and Sand Surf Co. is the platform we have brought about to unite all of our community values and unique style and surf culture.

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