Collection: ONEONE Swimwear

We are excited to welcome ONEONE Swimwear to our Sand Surf Co. brand family! ONEONE aligns with the trending style and ethics that light up Sand Surf Cos mission. Founded in 2016, ONEONE is a lifestyle swim brand dedicated to creating beautiful, well-fitting suits for everyone. While “ONEONE” means “sand” in Samoan, it also signifies the union of two individual pieces to create one iconic style and the way the company is led by not one but two: the founders Olga and Santiago.

Olga & Santiago met in college while pursuing law degrees. After graduating and earning degrees, they chose to quit everything and pursue their ultimate dream: developing the high-quality swim brand that would become ONEONE.  

O & S used their combined savings to design our first collection and shoot their first campaign in the Bahamas. Today, they employ over 300 female heads of household in a privately-owned factory in Medellin, Colombia. ONEONE fosters a constructive employee-led management system, ensuring that the employees are empowered and provided with ethical labor conditions in a safe and healthy work environment.

ONEONE is committed to sustainability. 50% of ONEONE bikinis are made from fabrics developed from recycled raw materials. They have introduced sustainable innovations such as on-demand production to minimize waste. Every bikini produced by ONEONE is specially made for the customer who ordered it.