Collection: GOT Bag

GOT Bag Mission: fashion innovation and global ocean transformation. 

The problem: Every year, 10 million tons of plastic waste infiltrate our oceans, constituting 80% of marine pollution. Shockingly, only 9% of newly produced plastics are recycled, while 12% are incinerated, and a daunting 79% end up despoiling our natural habitats.* In just the past decade, our plastic production has surpassed that of the entire previous century. But together, we can change this narrative. Let's act now.


We call the collected material Ocean Impact Plastic - symbolizing that it no longer poses a threat to the ocean and represents the impact we create together with the GOT BAG Community. It comprises plastic collected from the sea and in close proximity to our collection points - from mangrove areas, rivers, or even shortly after being used. This prevents it from ending up in the sea due to inadequate disposal infrastructure.
The founders of GOT BAG, deeply connected to the ocean since childhood, were driven to address the escalating plastic pollution in the seas. A backpack emerged as the perfect symbol for the collective responsibility we share in preserving water quality for future generations of flora and fauna. Although the concept originated serendipitously, it aligned seamlessly with the durability, robustness, and ease of cleaning that backpacks offer. Over time, GOT BAG's employees and customers embraced not only the initial idea but also the functional backpacks, appreciating their minimalist and timeless design. The ROLLTOP, in particular, has become the brand's versatile favorite.