5 tips to keeping calm during safer-at-home

5 tips to keeping calm during safer-at-home

Aloha to our Sandy Tribe!

We are missing you in shop, but we are grateful to be able to continue to connect online! We are looking forward to the sunshine days ahead once this has all passed! We are sending love and support to all those affected, we know so many have been impacted and will continue to be impacted, so please know your local surf shop is here for you! 

Positivity and the big picture are key at this time. The world has been pushed into a massive reset. In this reset we can’t help but notice we are being reminded of the things in life that are the foundation, the back to basics of happiness. Something we as beach people are quite connected to in our day to day life.

SO here are our top five tips to help pass this safer-at-home time in flow form . . . if these weren’t already apart of your DMO


Stay in routine.

It may be a different routine than usual, but having an outline of the day is helpful to ease the mind. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly thrive in routine, so not being able to be out traveling, socializing, and working can send the mind spiraling!

Start building your routine with your “non-negotiables”: time you wake up, breakfast, lunch, dinner and movement. . . or whatever yours are! Then pencil in the rest of your day around your non negotiables! You run the day, the day doesn’t run you.  Now more than ever its so important to balance your days. Rise with the sun or settle in for sunset, have a slow morning, block off an hour to get sunshine or work out to get those feel good juices flowing! Time management skills like this will be so beneficial when the real world resumes too.


Move your body. The gym and beach may be closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move our bodies! Those weights will be there and those waves will feel even sweeter to drop into  on the other side of this. 

Moving your body isn’t just about your physical appearance. Overall health, including mental health are incredibly impacted by movement. Whether it be a HIIT workout in your living room or a yoga flow on your balcony, you will feel a deeper sense of clarity and calmness… and let us not forget our favorite, endorphins.

Our top 3 at home workouts (that also spread local love):

  1. CAMP Tampa
  2. Mantra Fitness
  3. The Healthstyle Emporium

Take this time to connect with your body,  drink water, go for a morning walk or bike your neighborhood. Trust us, you’ll feel a whole lot more sane after a little sweat!


Pura Vida – the simple life. Take this time to slow down and identify what really matters to you. This massive reset will have us secure in what we miss and do not miss about life. Enjoy the simple things, like cooking, reading, sunrise or sunset, and of course time with loved ones. Whether you live together or not thankfully we are living in 2020! So, hop on facetime or zoom and enjoy the company and connection.


Get organized – who else has been avoiding. . . excuse me “too busy”  . . . to organize the kitchen, declutter their desk? Us too. Take the time to do all those things that typically get moved to later in our busy day to day lives. A clean space will help ease the mind too!

Believe in the good things coming -- another great mindset beach people and surfers thrive on. We are the adventure people that paddle out wave after wave after wave because we know something good is coming! We live for the excitement of the unknown. Now this was a quick and huge shift for the world, and there is a deep feeling of the unknown. We challenge you to take a step back and embrace it. Luckily, we aren’t alone in the unknown, we are all in this together. So take a deep breath and shift your mind. What good has come from the past couple of weeks? What good may come? We have to always believe in the good things coming. 


To sum it all up: slow down, get back to the basics, view this from an attitude of gratitude and remember to lean on the little things that light you up!

Breathe in, breathe out , and know we are in this together.

We are sending so much love to our community, and to the entire world. This distance is a temporary loss for an overall gain, listen to the lock downs and safer-at-home acts.  We hope you and your family and friends are staying healthy!


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