Kulani The Times

1) Matching is hot now. . . 

Matching sets are big in swim right now. Although we all still love to play a bit with matching solid back to our favorite pattern the days of dump your bikini drawer on the floor and mix and match has been paused. Instead we find our unique style by mix and matching bottom and top styles that follow the same pattern.

              Kulani Bae Blue                                            Kulani Chili

2) High waist bikini bottoms, need I say more?

Who doesn’t love the thought of being able to hide the bloat after having 3 hots dogs at the beach or 4 glasses of champagne at brunch? No one. Or maybe you just love to accentuate your waist a bit more.. either way we are here for it. High waist bikini bottoms can be found in every style under the sun: high waist cheeky, high waist moderate, high waist full coverage, high waist above the belly button, high waist below the belly button, full band high waist, or hiked high waist bikinis.

  Frankie JuJu Leopard High Waist      Kulani Jelly Mint Cheek High Waist

3) Spilling the tea on the V…

Ever heard of Baywatch? We all can now take part in being the goddess running up the beach from the 80’s long legs, sick shades. . . you know what I am talking about 😉 Well meet the V bikini bottom. Create or accentuate long legs, booty and waist when you step into a V shape or “hike” style bikini bottom.
      Billabong Last Days Fiji                           Body Glove Dana Bottoms

4) Time flies when you’re swinging in the hammock!

 This one is for the girls who like to bare a little more underneath the sweet sunshine. Feel free and cheeky with the mobility of this style suit. The top can be adjusted for more or less coverage but is always packing a cheeky punch. The hammock bottom is for the girls who want to get lost on deserted islands and be one with the sun. It’s your choice for how much you bare and how hiked you want your bottom, but you’ll be feeling those Bali feels no matter what when rocking one of these suits.
           Frankies Tia Bottom                     Frankies Sofia Richie Collection

5) Mood: Underboob.

Who’s ready to heat up the scene?! Under boob came in hot last summer and is here to stay. This style works for those with little or a lot up top. Play peak a boo by showing just enough. Although many are scared to try, most are pleasantly surprised once they slide into one of these suits. It may seem extra at first but it always hits just right on nearly every body.  
             Frankies Acid Green                             Frankies Vintage Hippie

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