Small Business Saturday - what to know about Sand Surf Co.!

Small Business Saturday - what to know about Sand Surf Co.!

5 Reasons We Love Being Sand Surf Co. & Young Entrepreneurs



Sand Surf Co. is all about Family. Sand is own and run by University of Tampa Alumni and sisters, Rikki & Remy Radkay. The team currently expands out to Rikki’s college roommate Mary Beth and husband Greg. With our combination we all bring unique skills, focuses and combine to create our Sand Surf Co. family. We love keeping it real and believe community is everything. We are all family and have the power to make this planet a beautiful place and Sand Surf Co. is the platform we have brought about to unite all of our community values and unique style and surf culture.


  1. Creating Magic Daily

As we were saying community and being connected means so much in life! Not only are we welcoming and friendly while you shop but we genuinely care to connect. We created our nook space in our shop for people to be able to pop in & unwind or to get some work done on our complimentary Wi-Fi. The shop we grew up in was always a meeting spot and a safe spot for us in the world on the good and the bad days.  We are now proud to be able to create a similar vibe and offer it to those around us in the Bay.


  1. REACH

We are thankful for our Tampa community,and we are also glad for the global support and the reach we receive from platforms like our social media. Be it Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica... you name it, we have worldwide tribe. Its such a gift to work in such an industry and on such mediums that allow us to express our visions, creativity, and to see how many like minded people we are able to connect with.


  1. Freedom To Be

Creative, Passionate, excited, focused, YOU! Be who you really want to be and go where you truly want to go, that is what we are all about at Sand Surf Co.  That dream in your head, that trip you’ve always wanted to take, that style you’ve always wanted to try? Be who you want to be! We are a no judgement zone and mind over matter atmosphere… we want to follow passions and allow people to be authentically themselves. It’s all about feeling and looking your best on the inside and out and we love creating a space to help encourage more people to follow their truth and take risks. We only have one life to live together.


  1. The Dream

We want to inspire more lives and bring more happiness to the world. Kindness is key. We believe healthy mindsets go hand in hand with great beach days or just good days in general. In a world that’s constantly moving and changing we want to keep the vibes constant and that is why we love being entrepreneurs and creating this little piece of peace in the world that spreads joy from us to you and back around again.



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