Thinking Globally Acting Locally! Find us this Gasparilla to stay hydrated and to make an impact!

Thinking Globally Acting Locally! Find us this Gasparilla to stay hydrated and to make an impact!

Who is ready for Gasparilla?!?

For those not from the Tampa Bay area, Gasparilla is a yearly occurrence in Tampa. Pirates invade, beads are thrown and parties are had! It is wild time in Tampa and a definite need to do at least once in your life event!


Although, Sand Surf Co. won’t be open during Gasparilla we are having our own little block party right outside shop! Find us for good vibes, great music, and water to rehydrate during the madness that is Gaspy!

We have chosen to sell Rainforest Artisan Water to help our community stay safe and to give back to our beautiful planet too! Rainforest Artisan Water is designed in Costa Rica with love and respect for the environment. They are thinking globally acting locally, by creating a company with the initiative to #KissPlasticGoodbye and daring to be different.

Rainforest’s water is bottled in 100% plastic free packaging and they are also the creators of the Treeping Reforestation Program. This program focuses on germinating, planting and giving maintenance to thousands of trees in Costa Rica. AKA you drink, they plant. To date, they estimate that through the program, approximately 360,000 square meters (~90 acres) of wildlife habitat have been generated.


In case you didn’t know, planting new trees can help to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air as trees use CO2 as fuel for photosynthesis. Gases like carbon dioxide and methane are major contributors to the changing climate. Reforestation is an effective mitigation strategy to fight global warming.


We are proud to be helping our community stay safe on one of our favorite days of the year, and also giving back to the environment we love so much!

Catch us at 1413 South Howard Ave Unit 101 to rehydrate and make the world a better place this Gasparilla!

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