Collection: The Come Together Capsule by Akosha Swim

The 4th of July kini of your dreams comes with a special message ✨ 
Tie dye has been such a major player in fashion the last few months. But what a perfect print to symbolize what we wish for in the USA. When making a tie dye garment you wad a piece of clothe together, bound it tightly with several rubber bands, and add all different colors of die. With time and care you unravel the clothe to find a beautiful harmonious pattern. Right now in each of our backyards we are standing up to racism and being the change to create the pattern of unity! We chant Black Lives Matter! We come together as the Red, White, and Blue. 
#blacklivesmatter #cometogether 
10% of each bikini sale will be donated to the Gianna Floyd foundation.