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Conscious Coconut

Conscious Coconut Essential Dry Brush

Conscious Coconut Essential Dry Brush

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All Conscious Coconut Dry Brush orders include the official 'How-To Dry Brush Guide', complete with the inside scoop on the benefits, instructions, and other useful wellness tips!

Scroll through product images to learn more about the steps!

*Disclaimer: There is new research conducted daily, but please remember that coconut oil is not a drug and the FDA hasn't evaluated the extensive uses and healing properties we've written here. Conscious Coconut is not intended to diagnose or cure you (that's what cute doctors are for!)

✔️ Fair Trade Certified

✔️ USDA Organic Certified

✔️ Unique Arched Design

✔️ Made with Vegan Bamboo and Sisal (a Mexican Aloe Plant)

✔️ Packaged by Mental & Developmentally Disabled Adult

✔️ Your Purchase Donates TWO Meals to Children in Need Through Feeding America!

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