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Eidon Cabana Bottom - Sparkle Pink

Eidon Cabana Bottom - Sparkle Pink

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The Deets: Cabana Bottom - SPARKLE

The sparkly low-rise Cabana bottom is designed to do wonders for your booty. Featuring minimal coverage around back, its single adjustable side-tie is a modern, cheeky take on a classically two-sided detail.

  • Low rise
  • Sparkly fabric
  • Unilateral sliding tie side
  • Minimal coverage

Discover: The SPARKLE Collection

The way sunbursts dance across the surface of a lake, the way the mirrors on a disco ball reflect spears of light, the way fresh snow glimmers like tiny diamonds – if these tiny wonders speak to you, you’re going to love our Sparkle collection. Wear your inner glow on the outside with this dazzling fabric: a hot pink treat that’s studded with flecks of glam glitter. Designed to turn heads, win hearts, and create smiles all around, Sparkle brings the party wherever it goes.

If you love your Eidon suit and want to keep it for as long as possible we suggest doing the following:

1. After each use, immediately rinse your swimsuit under cold water to get rid of all chlorine and salt water residue.

2. Hand wash gently using a mild soap or lingerie soap.

3. If using a washer, use cold water and a mild detergent without chlorine.

4. Leave to dry on a flat surface away from direct midday sunlight to prevent colors from fading.

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