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Marley & Co.

Marley & Co. Dog Collar

Marley & Co. Dog Collar

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Unleash your pup's beach vibes with Marley & Co.'s locally made dog collars. Perfect for the Florida doggo living the beach lifestyle. Diggin' it, fur sure! đŸŸMarley & Co. is Certified Stamp of Paw-Proval for engineering & safety - 4 fail safes built into design, tension tested up to 150 lbs and no reported breakages to date. 


XSmall - Neck sizes up to 9 inches 

Small - Neck sizes 10-13 inches 

Medium - Neck Sizes 13 - 15 Inches 

Large - Neck Sizes 15 - 18 inches

XLarge - Neck sizes from 18 to 21 inches

About Marley & Co.: Owner Sam and her doggo Marley love creating Marley & Co. collars. Marley & Co. is a dog collar brand tested and proven to make your pup look and feel their best. With an RN/BSN and experience in Medical Device Development and Sales, Sam wants to ensure what she is putting on Marley and your pup is high quality, safe and cute of course. 

Made locally in St Pete 

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