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Reel Skipper

Reel Skipper Water Shorts

Reel Skipper Water Shorts

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Skipper Water Shorts are a girl’s dream. The signature split layer design is what makes them so comfy and feminine. Can you Imagine shorts so lightweight and breezy you almost forget you're wearing them? How about shorts so easy to clean + dry thanks to the antimicrobial and quick dry properties? Now think about shorts so easy to fold and pack, taking up minimal space in your beach bag, or suitcase! Now you got yourself some easy-breezy water shorts!

Product Details

  • Moisture Wicking Technology
  • Anti-Microbial 
  • 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex
  • Split Layer Design for Breathability
  • Can be worn in and out of the water Fit & Size
  • Light Weight Fabric with Stretch
  • Inseam 1.5" 
  • Model is Approximately 5'5" with a 25" Waist and is Wearing a Size S

Made in United States of America

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